The Hiking Bug is the one bug you want to catch!

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Welcome to The Hiking Bug
Thank you for taking the time to visit The Hiking Bug. Via this online platform, we want to encourage more people to get outdoors and, in doing so, benefit from improvements in physical and mental health and gain an appreciation of the incredible fauna and flora around us.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; you can go out on a hike. Fortunately, the human race has yet to cover all of the natural world in vast swathes of concrete, glass and steel, and there is still large areas of green space to enjoy and explore.

Via our news, podcasts and social media channels, we’ll be doing what we can to point you in the right direction.

The Hiking Bug Story

Natasha Godbold, the co-founder of The Hiking Bug
The Hiking Bug is designed to promote the wide-ranging benefits of this much-loved outdoor activity. Not all of the best things in life need to come with a hefty price, and Paul and Natasha Godbold, along with their writers and ambassadors, will be proving this. Read more here.

How Hiking Has Changed My Life

Paul Godbold. co-founder of The Hiking BugAs the founder of Luxurious Magazine®, Paul Godbold has led what to many is an enviable life. However, he felt tied to the corporate treadmill and craved a simpler life. He was able to find this through hiking and being outdoors. Read how The Hiking Bug has changed his life here.

The History of Hiking

A painting of a walker in the Lake DistrictHiking is an activity that has enthralled people for centuries. Mentions of it stretch back almost 700 years, and it’s helped inspire many of history’s greatest and most creative minds. It first became a craze in the 1800s, and it is experiencing the same affection today. Read more here.

Introducing William Foley, The Hiking Bug’s First Ambassador
The Hiking But is delighted to announce the appointment of William Foley as one of our ambassadors. William is a UK-based medical aesthetician with more than a decade of experience working in the healthcare, beauty and aesthetic industries.

Over recent years, William has turned to the outdoors to help maintain and improve his physical and mental health and takes immense enjoyment from walking and hiking with his close friends and dog Jasper. William is passionate about improving the lives of others, and his love for the outdoors makes him an ideal person to be the first ambassador for The Hiking Bug.

During this year, William will be documenting his hiking adventures in video and taking part in our podcasts. William has plans to record his walks with both well-known faces and unsung heroes. If you see William whilst you are out on a hike, be sure to say hello; he’s super-friendly, and if you have the time and are willing, you might find yourself appearing in one of our videos or on the next The Hiking Bug Podcast.

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